Power conditioner
Power conditioner

Power conditioner

To some, a power conditioner is simply a device that provides enough outlets for the entire audio/video system while protecting connected devices from electrical storms and wiring faults. However, for the informed listener, many power conditioners can make an audio/video system much less efficient. Yes, a home or building can have dim lights or an occasional power outage, and the utility AC sine wave is still far from perfect. However, when it comes to incoming power, there are two reasons why an audio/video system may not perform to its full potential:

1- The current transients that feed the power amplifier are compressed.

2- The ever-increasing levels of radio frequency noise mask (cover up) the low-level signal content of the system.

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The Audioquest Niagara 1200 AC Power Conditioner is an audiophile low impedance power supply designed to filter AC power to dissipate unwanted noise and protect devices from power surges. This Audioquest conditioner has 5 sockets associated with a linear filtering system and two high current capacity sockets.

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